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You can experience a live, in-person, one-on-one intuitive coaching session in a safe, non-judgmental space absolutely FREE!

Get Unstuck … NOW!

Does this sound like you …

  •  Do you constantly wrestle with self-discipline and fail?
  • Do your long-term plans and goals constantly get derailed by things that have to do right NOW?
  • Do you have “Red R2″ days (Do you have a bad motivator)?
  • Have you lived with crisis for so long you’ve actually convinced yourself you “just work better under pressure?” and
  • Do you beat yourself up because you feel like you just keep making the same mistakes again and again?”

What if I told you it’s NOT your fault?

You are NOT broken!

What’s more, doing something about it
doesn’t have to be a difficult and painful process.

Learn how to become
the Hero of your own story.

Hero Image

Start by asking yourself …

What do you REALLY want?

Go ahead, think BIG!

When I asked myself that same question, the answer surprised me.

What I really want is to help you get what YOU want.

No, really.

Okay, if you’re anything like me, all your alarms just went off and you’re asking yourself,

“Why do you want to help me?”

THAT is a very smart question.

The short answer is …

I grew up with a disability (Cerebral Palsy). For me mostly that just means I walk with a pronounced limp.

But all my life people have tried to tell me what they thought I could or couldn’t do.

That made me mad.

As I got older, I saw this happening to lots of other people too.

And that made me REALLY mad. That’s why …

I’m an advocate.

I’ve served on state boards and commissions and coordinated efforts to fight employment discrimination against women, minorities and persons with disabilities. I’ve also worked as an advocate for children with disabilities in public schools.

If you want to read the whole story, you’ll find it here.

I’ve created something I call “Project H.E.R.O.”

Project H.E.R.O. is how I choose to make the world around me a better place; it’s how I help others. It brings my decades of experience in systems change advocacy into the area of one-on-one private personal advocacy.

I want to help people who’ve been told what they can’t do, show the world what they can do.

Project H.E.R.O. is a process approach that works WITH your natural strengths to get you back in the driver’s seat.

It’s not a productivity system because, if you’re like me, you already have several that don’t fit or don’t work; or worse, were great … until suddenly they weren’t.

My goal is to help you challenge the things that are holding you back; things like labels, limits and fear, give you the power to create your own blueprint for success and the tools to finally make it happen.

Let’s go back to what you REALLY want …

Imagine what you could accomplish if you had your very own personal advocate!

… a friend to help you on your journey, to help you realize your true potential … to help you discover your secret super power and show you that maybe anything IS possible.

  • What would you do for yourself?
  • What would you do to help others?
  • How would you transform your life?

Experience a private HERO session yourself … in a safe, non-judgmental space.

How does it work?

I use a series of creativity exercises and mind/body hacks I call, The Hero Engine. They are designed to break you out of your default head space and challenge the self-limiting assumptions we have about ourselves that continue to sabotage our success.

It’s easy.

We set up an appointment and a place to meet … someplace we can talk easily. A public venue such as a coffee shop can work really well for this, but it can be pretty much anywhere you feel comfortable.

This face-to-face meeting is important because it’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other and find out if we can work together effectively. You should never have a session with any kind of advocate or coach you don’t feel absolutely comfortable and safe with.

In other words, if you wouldn’t sit down with them over a cup of coffee, they’re NOT the right person for the job.

People often ask me can they bring a friend along to share the experience.
Yes, absolutely.

Again, you should always do what makes you feel relaxed and safe.

During this first session I’ll guide you through a simple visualization exercise. It’s easy and fun, and it’s a great way to jump start your journey.

Not only will it help you identify obstacles on your path, but it will also let you intuitively tap into the strengths you already possess to overcome them.

Plus, I’ll teach you how to do this exercise yourself using nothing more than a pencil and a piece of paper. You can do it ANY time you need to tap into your natural strengths. All it takes is the ability to imagine who you could be.

And when we’re done … even if you don’t do anything else, you will still be one step further along on your journey, full of positive energy and ready for the wonderful possibilities ahead of you.

Break your cycle of failure!

  • Identify obstacles that stand in your way.
  • Gain fresh insights and new perspectives.
  • Unlock and access your best self.
  • Find the answers you are looking for.

I am so confident you will break your cycle of failure and start a NEW cycle of success, that I offer a simple GUARANTEE.

You WILL achieve meaningful and measurable success
… or your coaching is FREE.

YOU define success. YOU set your goal. Complete the Chapter 1 sessions. If you are making a good-faith effort (attending all the coaching sessions and doing the work, completing all your committed decisions and homework assignments on agreed-upon dates) and you are STILL not satisfied or seeing results in 10 weeks, I will happily coach you for FREE until you do … period.

That means you can move forward with confidence knowing that, even if it takes a little longer than planned, you WILL get the right results.

How many life coaches are willing to offer you that?

There is absolutely NO risk

It’s easy!  It’s fun!


if you live in the St. Louis metro area

You can even try a sample session

absolutely FREE!

So what are you waiting for?

Text, Call, or Email me NOW!
Reserve YOUR free Project H.E.R.O. session!

Discover Your Secret Superpower!

Erik “Doc” Anderson
TXT or PH: (636) 686-0861

P.S. Spaces are limited and my calendar fills up fast. So if you want to try a private session … for FREE, don’t wait. Act NOW!

P.P.S. If you know someone else who has “Red R2” days, share this site with them. They’ll thank you for it!

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